Safety Measures In Houses With Children For A Christmas Without Accidents

Christmas is a time of year like no other. Happiness, overflowing emotions, home, gifts … To remember this Christmas with great joy, we must take into account a series of safety measures at home to avoid scares, especially if we have children at home. The little ones are completely unpredictable and the Christmas holidays always bring us elements that can pose a danger if we do not take into account these tips for preventing accidents at Christmas .

They may seem like many security measures, but the most important thing that we can never forget is that COMMON SENSE must prevail. To take into account all these safety measures , we are guided by the advice of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan CS Mott.

Safety measures at home regarding the Christmas tree

Without decorated fir , there is no Christmas. However, we cannot ignore that it is very very attractive for a baby or a small child who is discovering the world. To avoid accidents , the following recommendations must be taken into account:

– Where are you going to put the Christmas tree? It is important to put it away from the fireplace , radiator or any other stove that you have at home to avoid a fire .

– Artificial trees that are fire retardant are safer. If you are finally going to buy a real fir or pine, make sure it is not dry (its color is very green, the needles do not fall off easily, the trunk has resin …).

– If there are small children at home, you may consider that it is safer to put it out of the way or up high, to avoid being tempted to grab it and, thus, tipping over on them.

– Make sure that the tree is well anchored and that it does not fall easily or that it has great stability.

In houses with children, watch out for the Christmas lights

Christmas lights bring joy and warmth to our homes, something essential at Christmas . However, if we live in a house with children, we must take into account the following tips to prevent accidents such as burns or electrocutions.

– Do not use Christmas lights that are damaged (even only in one part), have frayed wires or that are very old. When buying new lights, make sure they are approved or that they guarantee safety.

– Be careful so that the light cables are not crushed by furniture or placed in places that could end up causing an accident .

– If you are going to put lights outside (on the facade of the house, on the terrace, in the garden …) make sure they are tested and designed to be placed outside the home.

– If your Christmas tree is metallic (how original!) It is better not to use lights as it could be dangerous.

– Make sure the lights are out of the reach of children . Some of these lights can get hot after being on for a long time or they can get crampy. Also, little ones may be tempted to put them in their mouths and choke .

– When the family goes to sleep, turn off the Christmas lights.